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12:01 p.m. - Monday, Feb. 10, 2020
15 minutes of Fame
Allow me to set the stage.

A busy clothing store, young girls’ fashions, bustling with tweens and their Wanna-Be-Tween-Again mom’s. A poorly designed front counter area that functions about as well as a screen door on a submarine. One end of said counter is stacked with boxes of jewelry and bags that must be unpackaged and put out, which a moderately “Don’t-Give-A-Damn” employee is working on.

The Manager (me) needs to leave the front and check something in the back. To ensure Don’t-Give-A-Damn has what he needs, there’s an about face turn, a forward motion, and the beginnings of a question. The question is abruptly cut off when the register’s power cord becomes tangled on my foot and I go flying forward. Arms flailing. Nearly catch myself... nearly... but alas. The forward motion is too powerful. Hit the floor chest first, arms straight out, and I slide a full ten feet. Superman style.

The best part? They recorded the security camera footage. I was told my SnapChat post had some 2,500 views.

See? I AM one of the popular kids!



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